Review of Ownpets Pets Feeder Water Dispenser

As you can see as from where the video shows below. My Fur Babies love it. It is easy to set up and it’s easy to clean when it needs to be clean. My cats literally ran over each other trying to get to it after I had set it up It comes with extra filters when you need them. Cats hate water that has been sitting around as it does smell bad to them. This keeps the water moving so it smells and taste fresher to them. It’s like a waterfall it keeps the water flowing to where the water is fresh no matter how long it’s been sitting there. Its more healthy for your fur babies as the water stays more fresh. Its also easy to clean and get back up and running when you need to clean it. So give your fur babies freshwater whenever they need it. Your fur babies will be thanking you a lot.My fur babies cannot get enough of the water they enjoy it and they’re drinking more water than before. Which keeps your pets healthy and happy. To show your fur babies that you love them this would be the perfect product to keep them healthy and happy

CONSTANT WATER CIRCULATION: Free-falling water stream not only adds oxygen for freshness, inhibits the growth of bacteria but also encourages your pets to drink more
DUAL FILTRATION: Replaceable activated carbon water filter removes bad tastes and odors for fresher, better-tasting water.
NON-POLLUTION MATERIAL: BPA Free plastic design is top-shelf dishwasher safe.
REDUCE PET’S HEALTH RISK: Keep hydrated helps to prevent urinary, kidney or other dehydration related diseases in pets.
BIG CAPACITY: 1 Gallon water capacity is great for pets of all sizes. Time-saving convenience for pet parents, have fewer refills to make. SUPER QUIET MOTOR: Ownpets pet water drinking fountain contains Mute motor will not disturb your pets even when they drinking at night. If the motor is humming loudly, make sure the water level is above the minimum line


Ownpets Pets Feeder Water Dispenser

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