Review of iMustech face paint

I love these face paints. This is a wonderful product and goes on nice and easy. Even if you are just starting out or have been doing face painting for years. It is perfect to use on adults or on children. Comes in enough colors and if you need a different color it is easy to mix to get just the right color. Perfect for parties, Halloween or even if you just love being creative. My son got so excited when they learned that they can gey face paints and fake tattoos. The quality of the product is good. It doesn’t come off easily even when kids sweat. But easy to wash off with soap and water. Colors are vibrant and so pigmented that you don’t have to use so much when painting.

Now for a little info on it

Assorted Colors Body Paint Kit: Face & Body Paint Set includes 12 packs of non toxic Face Paint Kit for Kids and also one brush AS A GIFT. The colors of this Face Paint Kit for Kids and Adults includes lemon yellow, burnt umber, vermilion, sap green, viridian, phthalo blue, titanium white, crimson red, ultramarine, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, black. The rich pigment of the art paint is a great choice for you! Each tube is filled with 12 mL (0.4 oz) .Come and get this face paint makeup set!
Moisture Your Skin: Our women body art can not only use as makeup but also use as MOISTURE CREAM. Never worry that your skin will be dry due to wearing makeup for a long time. You will surely fall in love with this supplies needed for face.Due to this face and body paint supplies is a kind of OIL PAINT,so it is better for you to PUT ON A LITTLE POWER to make it stay longer on your face,just like other makeup using.” human body paint supplies”
Easy Using: Our airbrush kit is super easy to use, just add a little water to brushes and apply desired color to face or body. You can also mix colors to get different colors! The paints can be easily wash off with soap and water. First use the tissue to wipe and then use soap or hand washing to clean your face or body.This paints kit is very convenient for using!
Safe & Non Toxic: Our body paint supplies is non toxic and water based. The face paint makeup is ASTMD-4236 certified. This art paint supplies is safe, skin friendly. Won’t itch, crack or irritate skins. But if you are allergy skin, you’d better not use this body paint models. In addition, children under age of 3,please use this Temporary Body Paint Art in the instruction by adults.” Professional Quality Face & Body Paint Kits”” Safe Non Toxic 12 Vibrant Color face paint”
Various Usage: Our Non-Toxic Face Body Painting is a great gift for your friends, kids, family. This Acrylic Paint Set is suitable for Halloween, Christmas, professional body painting show, bridal makeup styling, makeup teaching, catwalk models, birthday parties, festivals painting, game and so on.Use this face paint makeup kit adult,you will surely love this fancy makeup set and it will bring more fun to you and your friends and family.

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iMustech face paint

ETTG Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Mobile Devices and Music Player – Black

This is a very nice speaker that has a very elegant design and just sounds great. Charging it up does not take long at all and the battery life is great. It is very quick to pair up to your phone or your computer if you have a bluetooth enabled computer. Although the distance that you can go from the device could be more but with it paired to your phone does not matter you can always take the phone with you as well. It does come with an aux cable also so you can use that to hook it up as well. The functions are with touch and I have made the mistake in calling my hubbies phone just picking it up LOL so it is a little sensitive on that. And it does power off itself if not used for a certain period of time so you do not have to worry about that. The sound is amazing and the mic is clear as a bell, everyone heard me just fine.

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I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Tweets Tech® Bluetooth Wireless earphones

These are wonderful bluetooth headphones that fit perfectly over my ear without any discomfort. They are well very well made and the material is great. They can be worn no matter what you are doing from working to working out. Or just a nice relaxing evening just listening to music. The sound is great and it does keep all the noise out. The mic is great as well as everyone could hear me clear as day. They are very comfy to wear for hours at a time. The range on them is great as well so you do not have to have your phone on you at all times. Perfect bluetooth headphones for anyone no matter what you need them for.

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I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

34-in-1 Accessories Kits for Gopro Hero

This is a big kit that comes with so many accessories for your Gopro Hero. No matter what you need this more then likely has it and for the price that is a lot in one set. All are made very well and will last for a very long time. So if you are out having an adventure no matter how you are doing it, this set will have just the right item for you. Always be prepared to take those nice action shots or action videos. Anyone that has a Gopro Hero will love this so it makes a great gift as well.

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I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Sound Intone MS200 Headphones

This is a very nice headset, I listen to alot of music and this is just perfect for that. The sound from the headset is great and I can hear everything clearly. It comes in so many beautiful colors and fits nicely right on my head without being to tight or to loose. They are well made and can handle a little bumps and maybe a small drop. What I love about these headphones is that I can listen to music that I prefer without bass in it I can without having to hear to much bass. They are perfect for both kids and adults.

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I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

GENIE Best #1 Ultrasonic Electromagnetic 6-in-1 Indoor Pest Control Repeller 100% Safe Non-Toxic No Chemicals No Poison

During the summer time so many mice and such try to beat the heat by coming inside any building they can find. This actually takes care of that problem as I have noticed just a couple of days after using this I have. No more toxic chemicals to spray or put all around your house. And no more traps for the kids or pets to get into. It really does work well, just get one for every room and you’re good to go. There is different modes that work on different types of pests. I have seen less of a pest problem since using this, I hardly see any lately. You can barely even notice it is there unless you are close to it then you can hear it.

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I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review

MLVOC Wireless Doorbell Set

I always wanted a doorbell but being in an Apt I can not install one myself. This however you can have a doorbell anywhere and not have to worry about asking if you can install it at your Apt. It is wireless so there is no need for cords or wire. The only part that needs the battery is the one that goes outside the door. The receiver goes right into your wall socket. It has so many tones to it, lets say someone in your house is having a birthday. You can set it where it plays the birthday song every time someone rings it. For christmas set to the christmas song to be played each and every time. It is easy to set up, no other tools are needed. It does come with screws so if you own the house you can screw it on instead or it comes with sticky so you can just stick it onto the door.

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Luxury Bidet Attachment

Its very hard to get yourself clean and you end up using to much Toilet Paper and you still do not get yourself clean enough. With this you can get so much cleaner and have that extra fresh feel after using the toilet. This is real simple to install and it does not take long at all. Just need a couple of tools that most everyone has around the house. The water is adjustable to your liking so there is no need to deal with water that is to high pressured. One to clean the front and one to clean the back so us females can use less toilet paper as we all know females have to use way more than men does. This is real easy to learn to use and at after a couple of times using this you will be used to the cool water coming out of it. And I love that they give a money back guarantee even if it does not fit your toilet as this fits most standard toilets. You will be so glad that you got this as the feeling of fresh is the best there is.

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I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

100% Pure Copper Mug

I love pure copper mugs and this mug is one of the best out there. I use it all the time for any drink I have and I love how my drinks stay nice and cold without any ice in it. Just fix your drink straight from the fridge and it does not take long at all for the mug to get cold and keep the drinks cold. Its great for hot drinks as well as it keeps it nice and hot. Perfect for parties and just relaxing at home with a nice drink in hand. It is well made and will last you a very long time. Enjoy any type of drink with this beautiful mug.

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Review of Paname French Restaurant

I got a chance to go out and try out this wonderful restaurant Paname for the first time and I have to say I was very impressed. Not only was this my first time at this restaurant but it was my first time ever trying out French food. I wasn’t sure how to dress so I came as I am. We are from the bronx so we took the train to the restaurant.


Once we were inside we was greeted by the waitress, she was very polite and courteous. She seated us quickly and asked if we would like a glass of wine. Since it was hot outside we decided to start with water to cool off a little before we had a glass of wine. Before we ordered she brought out some bread with our glass of wine. The butter for the bread was on a stone which we thought was a cute idea.


Then we ordered our Appetizers which was hard to decide because everything looked so good. The hubby ordered Jonah Crab Cakes and I wanted to save room for the rest of the meal so I ordered Caesar Salad Maison. When the Appetizers arrived they looks so good and the presentation of the food was great. Even though the proportions of them looked small I found myself getting full on just the salad. The salad I must say was one of the best I have had. The crab cakes the hubby said was delicious. The were cooked to perfection and was full of flavor. The waitress also brought out porcini mushrooms which was very nice as well.


Next up was the main course, again so many good choices on the menu that we had a hard time deciding. He ended up ordering the New York Shell Steak well done and I ordered the Organic Chicken Breast. When he took his first bite you can see in his eyes that it was one of the best steaks he has ever tried and he knows his steaks. He told me that the way it was prepared it brought out the flavor of the steak. He said it was hard to put into words the wonderful taste of his meal. The Organic Chicken Breast was the same, I love chicken breast although I never had it with Pine Nuts and Thyme Blossom it was just the best I have had. The pine nuts and thyme had added a lot to the flavor. I was getting more full so I decided to save room for the final part of the meal. The hubby seen the Ratatouille on the menu that he had to try since seeing that movie called Ratatouille. He just loved it, even though it was a different kind from the move he was glad he tried it.


Now it was time for the desert and being almost full from the great meal we had I could not wait to try the final part of our meal. The hubby had the Chocolate Volcano and I had the Banana Split. He really loved the Chocolate Volcano and the Banana Split was one of the best out there. I wished I had the room to finish it all. It was the perfect end to a perfect meal.


Our visit was perfect and we will be returning in the near future. For everyone out there that lives here in NY or if you are just coming to visit be sure to make this excellent restaurant one of your places to visit. I can guarantee that you will have a wonderful time dining out. It is a nice place to relax and have a nice dinner with the family and friends. Where the service is great and the waitress is courteous.

What I was not able to eat of the main course and the desert I was able to bring home so my son could try it as well. He loved it and the next time we go we will be bringing him as well so he can have a great time just like we did.


Call to reserve your reservation

(212) 207-3737

1068 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10022
b/t 57th St & 56th St
Midtown East